Arriving Into Kuala Lumpur By Air

In most instances this is how you will be arriving Malaysia. So welcome to Malaysia from us in Insider KL! For Kuala Lumpur, please be aware that there are two main airports servicing the commercial airlines to Kuala Lumpur and the country. The main airports available to fly in would be the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) together with its neighbouring airport Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) which services the budget airlines or the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport located which is located in Subang. Now you must be thinking how do I know which airport is the one I will be arriving at? The easy answer would be for you to check which flight you are taking. Air Asia and Air Asia X including other low cost carriers exclusively fly out of KLIA 2 and it is the low cost airport of Kuala Lumpur. Most other flights internationally arrive in KLIA such as Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and more.
Meanwhile some domestic and Singapore flights on airlines such as Fireflyz and Malindo use the turboprop engine planes arrive and depart from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang. Location wise the closest airport to Kuala Lumpur would be the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport located 24 km away in Subang meanwhilst KLIA and KLIA2 are located roughly 55 kilometers away from the city.
Below is a map of the airports in Kuala Lumpur. As you can see the Sultan Abdul Aziz Airport is significantly closer to Kuala Lumpur than the main Kuala Lumpur International Airports 1 & 2.


For passengers arriving in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) you will be exiting through the arrival deck and be presented with several options to head to Kuala Lumpur. 

The KLIA Express & KLIA Transit

For guests arriving in KLIA, an express train service called Express Rail LInk (ERL) which consists of KLIA Express and KLIA Transit train services.

KLIA Express is a train service available which will shuttle you directly to KL Sentral. The journey will take 28 Minutes and will be a non-stop train service with porter services. On board the train, luggage areas are available including complimentary free wifi. Kindly note that the luggage will not be monitored and will not be secured. Please ensure that your luggage is locked and stored appropriately.

Meanwhile the KLIA Transit is a train service which has multiple stops along the way with the ultimate arrival at KL Sentral. The price of the tickets are the same and as such, you should ensure that you are boarding the correct train. On board the train, it also includes complimentary free wifi and has luggage storage services on board.

Also note, that when departing Kuala Lumpur via Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon & Malindo Airlines, you are allowed to check in and check-in your luggage DIRECTLY FROM KL SENTRAL. All you have to do is purchase a train ticket to enter the check in area and you are off on your way.

 Price :




Directions :

Upon arrival and exiting the arrival hall at Level 3 of KLIA , take the elevator or escalator down to level 1. Tickets can be bought at the counter or vending machine (Credit Cards are accepted). Once you enter the 

NOTE : Please ensure you are awaiting the correct train as the  KLIA Express and the KLIA Transit both share the same platform. Platform A is for the KLIA Express and Platform B is for KLIA transit.


For Malaysia, there are currently a few ride hailing apps that are frequently used and accepted widely by the public. 

At the point of writing, Uber has ceased its operations in Malaysia and has been taken over by Grab through their corporate exercise. 

As such Grab is the biggest player in the ride hailing services in Kuala Lumpur.

Instructions : 

Use the airport public wifi and download the Grab App (available on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore) and make the necessary registrations. Select pick up point at arrival hall KLIA and follow up with the driver. Alternatively, you may visit our more detailed instructions here

Price : As at the time of writing, Grab is maintaining its offer for rides to and from KLIA and KLIA 2 to be fixed at RM65 to anywhere in Klang Valley. This does bit include additionally any toll rates which will be applied by the drivers upon arrival. Kindly note how much your toll will be as drivers may abuse this process.


Should you wish to head over to Kuala Lumpur via Taxi service, you are required to obtain a coupon at the counter right after the exit of the Arrival Hall (International & Domestic).

Taxis in Malaysia in the past had received many criticisms of being run by gangsters and opportunists who will swindle and cheat their passengers of fares or refuse to use their meters. One of the solution taken was to introduce this coupon system to avoid any abuses being made at the airport. 


Now when choosing a taxi, there are several types available from your typical red and white taxi to the airport limo’s.


For the red and white typical taxi, a coupon will need to be purchased at the counter for RM 2 and the typical meter charges will apply. Roughly an estimate for a budget taxi ride to Kuala Lumpur using this method would be around RM 60-RM120 (or more) depending on traffic and time of day. Payment for the coupon would be at the counter and the balance to be paid in cash to the taxi driver upon arrival.

 Budget Taxi Fares

  • RM3.00 for the first 1 KM or first 3 minutes
  • RM0.10 for each consequent 115 metres or consequent 21 seconds
  • 50% surcharge from 12a.m – 6 a.m.

Meanwhile another type of taxi available is the executive taxi. These are typically blue coloured Toyota Innova’s which are able to carry more people and luggages. This service is however more expensive but it is assured that you will be afforded additional levels of comfort. Further, for those who are required by their employer to ride in vehicles with seatbelt facilities (in the backseat), this type of taxi is recommended for you.

Executive Taxi Fares

  • RM6.00 for first 1 KM or first 2 minutes
  • RM0.20 for each consequent 150 metres or consequent 45 seconds
  • 50% surcharge from 12a.m – 6a.m

For additional comfort and luxury. Several limo types are available to be serviced. The cheapest will be in the form of compact sedan or sedan. It will fit roughly 3-4 people with luggage space in the trunk. 

Additionally, larger cars are available to be serviced out for bigger groups. Kindly note that the staff at the counter may inquire on the group size and this is to accommodate the correct vehicle for the group.

Payments for this form of service is paid in full and payments may be made by cash or credit card. You will be handed a coupon which will need to be handed over to the driver. To line up for the vehicle, please exit the hall in front of you and immediately the waiting line/area for the limo’s will be there.  You will be required to line up for your vehicle and a staff will assign a vehicle to you. 


Upon exiting the arrival hall (international) turn right and in front of arrival hall (domestic) will be the counter for you to purchase the taxi tickets. 

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Insider Info:

  • To fully utilize the usage of ERL, we recommend usage of the promos available such as the ERL + Grab promo which will cost you the same amount but provide you with RM 10 grab coupon.
  • Alternatively, if you have planned your trip to include as much public transport as possible, you may wish to utilize the KL Travel Pass which will grant you an ERL ticket with 2 days of unlimited travel on LRT, MRT and Monorail services within Kuala Lumpur. 
  • At certain times, taxi counter staff may state that there are no taxi’s available and you should use the executive limo instead. This at most times are tactics employed to encourage you to use the more expensive taxis. If you are able to verify, please see the waiting area if significant numbers of taxi’s in red and white are available. If not then the staff at the counter is correct. Alternatively you may opt to use the ride hailing apps. 
  • It is highly encouraged that you remain vigilant when using any form of taxi or ride hailing services.  
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