The Malaysian Favorite : Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak, this is a dish that is distinctively Malaysian. Ask any Malaysian what the national dish should be and this would rank highly up there. 

In the past this dish has been served as a general breakfast item and through the love given towards this dish, it is now being enjoyed at any time of the day and can be found generally almost anywhere.

This is a dish that has its roots down in Malaysia with it unique flavour and style of preparation. Many a companies have received public rebuke for failing to honour the proper preparation of Nasi Lemak and its flavourings. Despite that severeal other companies have attempted their own derivative version of the Nasi Lemak to great fanfare. 

Now in general Nasi Lemak is a rice based dish that has been prepared with coconut milk and accompanied with some ginger and onion and complimented with fried anchovies and peanuts together with egg and cucumber. In most instances, Nasi Lemak is wrapped up in paper with banana leaf which is the traditional form of having take out Nasi Lemak. But nowadays it is usually wrapped in wax or plastic lined paper or food containers to take away or left on tables to be eaten.

Now this is is a true fact, Nasi Lemak itself has been declared by Time Magazine to be a healthy breakfast dish but judge it for yourself whether it deserves such credit. 

 in general Nasi Lemak is a rice based dish that has been prepared with coconut milk and accompanied with some ginger and onion and complemented with fried anchovies and peanuts together with egg and cucumber. 

Whats in a plate of Nasi Lemak and how should you order?

Essentially, Nasi Lemak consists of the following :

1) Rice (Cooked with coconut milk and other spices);

2) Sambal (It may be spicy or not spicy depending on who cooks and special recipees);

3) Egg (Boiled or Fried); and

4) Condiments (Cucumber + Fried Anchovies and Nuts).


Now the ingredients above do spell out to be the base dish for nasi lemak (which isnt wrong). However, if you approach a typical nasi lemak seller, usually you would find other dishes that can be accompanied together with the Nasi Lemak that makes it oh so much more delicious.

In general you can opt for Nasi Lemak with rendang which in most instances will be served in more upscale and restaurants as this is one of the more refined type of Nasi Lemak and richer in content.  Such as below:

#Brunch #nasilemakrendangayam . #foodie

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Alternatively, you may opt for a more popular option which is nasi lemak with fried chicken which in most cases you cant go wrong with this combination. 

Below is a picture of a famous Nasi Lemak with fried chicken that is well known through out Kuala Lumpur and alleged to be the best around. 

In general, most of the time you cant go wrong with anything being added to nasi lemak but it is suggested for you to find more savoury additions as that will totally enhance the flavour and enjoyability of the dish.


A few other popular options for eating nasi lemak would be as follows:

Nasi Lemak + Cockles.

In this type, the nasi lemak may be served with sambal and added with cockles in its own sambal or the cockles may be served as the sambal for the Nasi Lemak. In any instance, both are not wrong and both are equally delicious. 



Jum b’lemak2 kita.. #nasilemakkerang #restoranresepibonda 😍😍😍

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Also another favouriet option would be the Nasi Lemak with fried lungs from a cow..

For this one, a plate of Nasi Lemak is served with some pieces of cows lung which is commonly fried. This presents a salty yet bland sort of taste to a very rich and flavourful dish. 

Now that you’ve got yourself sorted with the dish itself, I would recommend that you wash down the dish with some teh tarik (teh pronounced as teh in Tehran and tarik ought to ryhme with rake). By having this combo I doubt that you can go wrong with any of those choices.  Note : If the sambal is too spicy for you, opt for Teh Ais (Teh pronounced same as above which is similar to Tehran and Ais is Malay for Ice).



We hope the above was informative for you to understand what Nasi Lemak is and we truly hope that from this post you now know how to thoroughly enjoy the dishes with the varieties available with every dish of Nasi Lemak. 


If you do enjoy the post or think we’ve missed out any parts lets get a discussion going in the coments below. 

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