The Malaysian Travel Series : Beerforbreakfast

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This is our inaugural post on the Malaysian Travel Series. This series will feature the travels and views of travellers, vloggers and bloggers as they journey within Malaysia.

We hope that this series will be able to encourage more travellers to consider Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia as their next destination in their travels around the world. 

So lets get started. 



a) Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Our names are Micha and Justina. Micha is the girl with bouncy curls and she is from from the UK. Justina is the blond one she is from Lithuania. In February 2018, we decided to become digital nomads and document our lives on our YouTube channel.


b) We have been following your wonderful YouTube channel series, Beer for Breakfast, on Malaysia. What made you choose Malaysia as a destination for your vlog?

We never intended to spend so much time in Malaysia but after a month of living in Cyberjaya, we noticed little things that resonated well with us. The people were incredibly welcoming, we were able to have access to high speed internet and the food options were endless. We love how Malaysia has so many different cultures and religions living together. It makes for us a really diverse travel experience.


c) What equipment do you use and how do you go about making such videos?

We own one main vlogging camera. This is the G7X Mark II. This is a great product, as it is compact, great in low light and has a flip screen. As for editing, we use Final Cut Pro X. We never studied how to make travel videos. This is a process of seeing what works and what doesn’t; learning as you go along.


d) How’s the reception so far for those videos?

We have seen an impressive increase in views since arriving in Malaysia. In fact our audience is around 80% Malaysian. We receive a lot of respect from locals, as we try to always learn about each place that we visit, try all the local foods and interact with people in a respectful way.


e) How are you both liking Malaysia? How was your trip so far? What has surprised you the most in Malaysia?

We both equally love Malaysia, we’ve been here since February 2018 and there wasn’t a day when we wanted to leave this beautiful country. Something that has surprised us the most about Malaysia is the local hospitality and willingness to help tourists. We’ve been to so many other Asian countries and we noticed that usually, there is a division between locals and tourists. What we mean by that is that most of them time you will find locals hanging around

with locals and foreigners being among foreigners. However, when we are in Malaysia, we feel like we are a part of Malaysian’s community. We are always welcomed and treated with so much respect and we always love to mingle with local people. In fact our viewers have kindly granted us new Malaysian names…Cantik and Ria.


f) You have travelled to many places in Malaysia. Has it been easy for you to travel around here?

It has been incredibly easy. We primarily use “Grab” for our day to day travel, buses to get to and from cities and low cost airlines like Air Asia / Scoot for when we need to go on our visa runs. 


g) You have seen some of our islands, ate and cooked local food, met our Prime Minister,and visited some of our less-visited locations. Tell us, what has been the highlight fromyour trip so far?

The biggest highlight of our stay is when we got to celebrate Hari Raya with a local family at their home. A night before, we even managed to purchase our own Baju Kurung that we wore during the open house. It was definitely an eye opening experience because it’s something that we are not used to, but we learnt so much about what Ramadan and what it means to the muslim community.




h) You use Grab as a major means of transport around Malaysia. How has that been for you and what other forms of transport do you recommend for other travelers in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia in general?

Yes, we use Grab for most of the time. It is very convenient. You can simply download the app and select where you are, where you want to go, pay by cash or card, it’s literally the best way to get around. Plus it’s safe and so much cheaper than normal taxis. If you are on a west side of Malaysia (Peninsular), we can also recommend using KTM (rail services) – very modern, air conditioned, spacious and clean. Also not forgetting the use of local buses. If you are on the east side of Malaysia (Borneo) we have only used buses and Grab, super convenient and most of the transport tickets can be booked online in advance.


i) What are your main sources of information for your trip in Malaysia so far?

Our main sources of information for our trip in Malaysia is ‘Lonely Planet’ book. We also pay a huge attention to our followers’ recommendations as well as our accommodation hosts’ tips. And of course various websites, blog posts, YouTube videos on the Internet.


j) What sort of accommodations have you tried in Malaysia? Where do you usually research and make reservations for these accommodations?

Since we arrived in Malaysia, we have mainly used – a website that allows us to book someone else’s apartment, studio or a private room. We also use and – two websites that allow us to book a hotel room.


k) How do you usually make bookings and travel arrangements within Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia? 

We usually book everything online, we don’t normally use any Travel Agencies. However, since we are in Borneo right now, we booked one tour in Kuching by walking in to the agency and we also booked a cooking class by dropping by. If we can do an activity on our own, we will always try to do this first (just to keep the costs down).


l) You have tried an impressive range of local foods and restaurants in your vlog. What isyour top 3 favorites so far, and if there is 1 dish that you would recommend tosomeone visiting Malaysia for the first time, what would you recommend?

Our top 3 favourite dishes so far:

1 – Roti Telur with Teh Tarik

2 – Kuching’s laksa

3 – All sorts of Kuih, especially Serimuka – we had the best one in Kota Bharu.

1 dish that we recommend to someone who’s visiting Malaysia for the first time – try all different types of roti and check out Nasi Kandar (so many options to choose form in Kuala Lumpur)




m) If you have a friend visiting Kuala Lumpur for one day, what would you recommend for them to do for that day?

Start of with a breakfast, try Nasi Lemak – Malaysia’s National Dish, in the afternoon visit Kuala Lumpur Bird Park or choose to go on a canopy walk ( KL Tower – KL FOREST ECO-PARK) then head to the iconic Petronas Towers to take some pictures, do some shopping around Bukit Bintang area, if your not a huge fan of malls – got to Petaling Jaya market, where you can sample various local foods and buy cheap clothes. Furthermore, depending on the night, see what night markets are on (if you are brave enough try stinky tofu at Connaught Market). Lastly, If you have any energy left, grab some late drinks and look out at panoramic views of KL at the Helipad Lounge Bar.

n) If you can recommend one place for a friend to visit, anywhere in Malaysia. Where would it be and why?

George Town, Penang – the best food in Malaysia, Harmony Street – a place where all cultures come together, best street art and very friendly people. Kuching is a very close second though, a gateway to some incredible nature and experiences. A very hard question to answer.

o) What are your future plans for your vlog? Are you planning on visiting anywhere else in Malaysia?

We are currently exploring the state of Sarawak – next up – Sabah.

p) Lastly, what sort of tips and advice would you give to your fans and viewers out there who are interested in visiting Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia?

Just be yourself, ask locals what to eat (because food is an attraction in itself here in Malaysia), listen to locals’ recommendations, don’t leave without seeing the iconic Petronas Towers, don’t litter – be a responsible tourist.

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