What Is Malaysia & What Is Kuala Lumpur


For those of you who have stumbled here and wondered what the heck is Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur and why should I visit these places, please go ahead and continue reading. For those of you who slightly has an idea and may want to know more about this awesome place and what it entails, continue on.

First thing’s first, lets learn how to pronounce Kuala Lumpur the best and easiest way to pronounce it is to say Kuala as how you would pronounce Koala and Lumpur as how you would say Loom (as in fruit of the loom) and pur (as in how you would pronounce poor).

For those who don’t know, Malaysia is a country located between the southern part of Thailand and north of Singapore. Its a country that is diverse in culture and tradition with.Malaysia in itself consists of the Peninsular of Malaysia and the two states on the island famously referred to as Borneo. 

Now historically, Kuala Lumpur has been the the capital of Malaysia since 1896 however at that time it was the capital of the Federated Malay States which were under the British Rule. Prior to that, Kuala Lumpur was a mining outpost the relics of which can still be seen in Kuala Lumpur through the leftover names, ponds and infrastructure.


Malaysia located south of Thailand and North of Singapore

The meaning of Kuala Lumpur is muddy river confluence. Kuala in Malay means river confluence and lumpur means mud in the Malay language. Now historically, Kuala Lumpur sits on the confluence of the Klang River and the Gombak River. So being at those points it had in the past resulted in numerous floods when heavy rain occurs. However, this occurrence seldom happens now due to mass irrigation projects being built. This however does not guarantee that floods won’t occur  as rain can get pretty heavy and there are still segments of society that still insist on throwing rubbish into the drain and rivers.

Masjid Jamek Mosque Situated At The Confluence of The Gombak and Klang River

In the boom of the 90’s Malaysia had become modernised and many infrastructure projects were kicked into the assembly line which has now developed the city into what it is now with skyscrapers, parks, highways and train networks built into the city to enhance the town. Flash forward to 2017, the new city has been breathed new life with the completion of the first phase of the MRT which is hoped to increase the connectivity inside the town and surrounding areas. Now further connectivity and improvements are being made to further connect Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas together with other cities located further up north or further down south. 

The Kuala Lumpur City Centre (Useful as point of reference and orientation)

Insider Tip:

  • Malaysians are generally a helpful bunch with a moderately good understanding of the English language especially in larger urban cities like Kuala Lumpur. If you are lost, most are able to understand english and guide you if necessary.
  • Malaysian’s love foreigners who are able to speak their language. Start up a conversation with “Apa Khabar” (pronounced as in the A in Ah and the Pa in Party). Apa Khabar generally means how are you in Malay. 
  • To orient yourself, use the Kuala Lumpur City Centre or better known as KLCC as a reference point to determine which direction you are heading.

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